the-impossible-and-the-eleventh said: I wish I was more like that, but unfortunately, I’m not quite there. ^^’ Wish you the best. ^^

Everybody moves through things at a different pace, too. I wouldn’t worry about it. I had a few close calls with imminent demise and experienced some losses that really shattered my perspective on a lot of things and I’ve had to rebuild them. The result is kind of a mixed bag because in some areas I feel like I am ahead of the curb, but because of that I am also alienated from my peers. Instead I am much more at home talking with people almost ten years my elder and it is sort of strange to see them as love interests, for example. (Not that I am trying to market myself as “ultra-mature” or something silly like that, I don’t particularly think myself better than others — just on a different trajectory)

My point is that sometimes rushing things isn’t a good idea. It isn’t bad to take time to enjoy whatever “stage” you’re at in your life because growing up — and growing up is a lifelong experience — is something you only do once and it will be different day by day. I know I feel like I have a lot of “lost years” because I was tirelessly trying to accomplish some illusion of “adulthood” when, in reality, young adulthood is the same as being a teenager except with more responsibility and opportunities to fail.

Long reply short, I’m unsure of your age, but I don’t think it is always good to try and rushing development. That said, I also know it can be difficult to settle into your current condition — obviously that is sort of what my issue is. So I guess take my advice with a grain of salt :p

Thank you for the best wishes, too :) And I wish them to you as well.

the-impossible-and-the-eleventh said: Though, that’s a romanticist’s point of view. Like I said, romantic stuff isn’t for everyone. It’s common, but it doesn’t mean everyone has to fall for it. Just do your thing, and I’m sure everything’ll be alright. ^^

That’s generally the idea. I am a single-minded, goal-oriented person and anything that might cripple my progress toward it that isn’t a necessity usually gets put on hold. Like relationships.

It really just boils down to a high indifference to my so-called “Dating pool”, though. My ambitions and values rarely line up with another person, and when they do that person really isn’t my “type” I guess. I’ve just got a lot of female attention this semester and while flattering, I feel a little dickish because I am purposefully maintaining a friendly stance and nothing more.

I’ll get over it, though. My plan is what it is. Besides, my thoughts are that by the end of my traveling abroad and what not I’ll have grown into a person maybe more suited to the whole dating scene. It is hard to tell.

Thanks for the reply, I appreciate it :)

Sometimes I go to weddings and think “This is boring”

But then I think about dating and I’m like “This, too, looks boring”

Everything about romance and companionship sounds so boring to me. It isn’t a lack of attraction, it is just that I have a tendency to get tired of people after a few weeks of interaction once I’ve “figured them out”, I guess. Moreover dates and stuff just sound so dull to me.

I feel like I’ve overcome a lot of challenges regarding some really bad experiences I’ve had and in many ways recovered to a “new” normal. This is one area that is a strange “new” normal. Relationships seem tedious and boring to me. Generally, though, this is true of most things.

If I am not learning or teaching or problem solving then I am bored out of my mind. And from a moral standpoint, I feel like I am being sort of unfair to people because I am sure to them their major, ambitions, and pass times are interesting. To me, though, they just aren’t. It feels like the same old same old.

I know they say “be careful what you wish for”, but I am in dire need of some adventure. Going to new places, meeting new people, learning new things, adapting to new situations… and I am on track to do those things. It is just in the meantime I have to deal with the humdrum that is life.

"You’re the worst, Senpai!" 

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as if the finale wasn’t enough…they extended it


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TVアニメ「Fate/stay night」キャラクター別番宣CM 第6弾 イリヤ&バーサーカーVer.

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I didn’t use this in that Shizune post, but it was too pretty not to post anyway.UFOtable is my hero.

I didn’t use this in that Shizune post, but it was too pretty not to post anyway.

UFOtable is my hero.

Although there is often a lot of debate about the “what if it were real?” question in fiction and the whole “It is not a deconstruction" phrase gets thrown around a lot, I definitely feel that Kara no Kyoukai is an answer to "what if it were real". You could argue Fate/Zero is, too, but it is harder to quantify because everyone so easily accepts the world of magecraft. 

Whereas in Kara no Kyoukai there are distinct and obvious drawbacks. Consequences of power and in some cases, power that was never asked for. Normally, I’d default to Fujino as my example, but I’m sure everyone is tired of my Fujino posts so instead we’ll look briefly at Seo Shizune.

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