I was digging through the void of folders I have on my computer and I found a curious folder labeled only as “2008”.

The lesson today is that I should avoid looking at things from too far back.

Ugh. Now I need to space out and draw or write or play some video games or something.


 Shiki & Mikiya » Through the years

Illya is so transparently her parents’ daughter like’

Oh, there is so much Iri in her!

And there is Kerry…

Cable company completely cut everything.

No Internet. No Tv. No phone service.

It was only six hours, but know you’ve made an uncompromising enemy, cable company.

Does anyone else remember the 70’s and 80’s with fondness and then remember they were born in the 90’s?

Because I swear I feel like I lived through the 70’s an 80’s. It is like I downloaded information from my Mom in the womb.

It makes me a little bit sad that no one ever talks about how awesome it is that A:TLA’s first and final most significant scenes begin and end in the exact same way.

I remember watching and getting goosebumps because it was just like no way, they didn’t — they did.



Every anime show ever


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How to hit high notes…

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